For people, animals and plants
I relieve the ills of SPIRIT and SOUL by laying hands on or over different parts of your body.
I relieve tensions and pains of your BODY with different techniques of massage according to your needs and wishes.

Do you have DOUBTS, FEARS, ANXIETY? Are you UNHAPPY with your current state of being or with your life?

Do you hold on to PAST TRAUMAS and TOXIC BEHAVIOURS that prevent you from moving forward in life?

Do you suffer from PHYSICAL TENSIONS or PAINS that make you emotionally tired?

Do you feel that you need a DEEPER treatment and 100% TAILORED to YOUR issue ?

If so, RAIN OF ENERGY in Epping, Essex (London), could have the NATURAL SOLUTION you need to finally
feel free of pain, be HAPPY and SERENE.

Ready to start your Energy Healing Journey?

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Past Traumas
Griefs (loss of someone)
and more…

Body System(s) issues (respiratory, circulatory, digestif, hormonal, …)
Side effects due a chemical treatment
Pains due to an accident
Pains during or after a surgery
Cold and Flue (COVID)
Muscular tensions or pains
Cancer and disease
and more…

Our Healing Journey

I am here for Everyone who is ready to take the road to healing and decides they want to live a harmonious life possessing gentle tools to manage fear, pain and stress. For Everyone who knows that to be deeply relaxed, positive, confident and well, their emotional and physical bodies must be in alignment. 

Many of my clients are surprised to discover the connection and the power of emotional blockages and past traumas have and how they can prevent us from flourishing and enjoying our daily lives. Keeping the happiness and abundance we deserve at bay. 

For Everyone who may have already tried many different healing methods and is still plagued with the negative cloud that follows them wherever they go. When the latest diet left their feeling stressed and the pharmaceutical pills they tried only lasted so long. All these things have their benefits, but can be a temporary fix to a long time unresolved issue. I aim to work on a deeper level with the soul and mind body to release the blockages that hold you back.

I know from my own personal healing journey that these negative and tiring feelings don’t always go away by themselves and sometimes having the courage to seek help externally becomes necessary. That is why I am here, offering to help people find the source, the origin of their pain and together, work through it to help regain their sense of well-being, self confidence and their love of life once more.

Take a look at the list of treatment provided and please contact me and we can book you in for a


Why a FREE Discovery Session?

Maybe you are hesitant to book now or you need more information or you want to visit us at RAIN OF ENERGY. NO PROBLEM! I understand, as a new client you may not be ready to book a paid appointment straight away.

That is why, I offer you FREE 30 minutes session, without commitment, in which we can discuss:

  • Any Issues
  • Your needs
  • All questions you may have about me/RAIN OF ENERGY 
  • Which treatment we offer and which would be the best for you
  • Then, if you wish, we can arrange your first appointment

Who and what RAIN OF ENERGY is for?

  • For all living beings who want to find their way in life without automatically entertaining negative thoughts. Who want to release deep rooted fears, doubts or blockages they may be holding onto.

  • For all living beings who wish to take a more holistic, naturopathic approach to healing. For women and men who feel that they are ready to embrace healing (A very important step).

  • For all living beings who understand that the journey to feeling better in mind, body and spirit can be deeply intense on an emotional and physical level. 

  • For all living beings who want to let go of stress and embrace patterns of serenity and calmness whilst harnessing a positive mindset.

  • For all living beings who want to take time for themselves, to clear their minds and relax their bodies.

You would like tips and information about :

  • How to de-stress and relax your body and your mind
  • How to spend a relaxing day at work
  • The causes of stress and negative thoughts
  • The emotional blockages and their origins

Download your FREE PDF now and start your healing journey

« 5 Tips to de-stress
in 5 Minutes »

In this FREE PDF you’ll discover 5 effective exercices, to do whenever you want, that bring you calm and serenity.

« A Relaxing Day
Even at Work »

In this FREE PDF you’ll find useful tips on how to centre yourself and remain in a state of calm and relaxation.

« 4 Causes of Stress »

In this FREE PDF you’ll find 4 causes of stress and negative thoughts that could prevent you from moving forward in life.

« Emotional Blockages & their Origins »

In this PDF you will find a first idea of what are the Emotional Blockages and their Origins.