in Epping, Essex (London)

If you are a woman or a man who is searching for a way to live in harmony between your physical, emotional and spiritual body, it is with pleasure that I welcome you in a warm and friendly environment to achieve this. I am here to help you rediscover your positivity, your self-confidence, by finding and eliminating the cause of your pain.

I believe that there are many other more gentle ways than simply taking pharmaceutical medications to ‘heal us’. Doubts, fears and phobias as well as many types of physical tensions can often be the result of unresolved emotional trauma. Most of the time pharmaceutical drugs eliminate surface symptoms temporarily but do very little to heal the root cause of the problem. Ignoring these deeper blockages can create an open invitation for them to return.

I help people who may feel lost, anxious or worried about their future or who may hold onto guilt or regret, leaving them emotionally stuck in their past. My aim is to help them move forward in the life they want and deserve.

If you are looking for a 100% natural and unique solution tailored to your own problem, why not contact me and see how, here at RAIN OF ENERGY, I can help you?

With love and Gratitude

Maella Tarsi