Emotional Pains-Fears-Blockages

If you are suffering with

Doubts – Fears – Phobias

Low Self Esteem – Anger – Anxiety – Confusion

Unresolved Trauma – Dis-comfort related to Relationships, Work, Personal Life

Panic Attacks – Exhaustion – Fatigue – Lack of Confidence and Motivation

At RAIN OF ENERGY I will help you find your way out of the darkness and tap into your healing potential. Using these gentle healing modalities I can

release your emotional blocages or pains

reduce mental and physical stress

relieve any Issues from the body

You deserve abundant health and abundant joy.

RAIN OF ENERGY has the REMEDY for you with the
« Energy of the Soul »

One-to-One or Online session.
Using tools such as; dowsing pendulum/rods, I connect to your mind and your soul to figure out the origin, the source of the trouble.

Ready to start your Energy Healing Journey?

Please contact me for more information on therapies, services, availability and the prices.


I use my body, mind and spirit as a conduit to connect to Source energy and set up a resonance you (the client). Once I have opened up a channel of vibration between us, energy can be manipulated with intention. Using this method we work together as I guide you to ultimately healing yourself. Step by Step. 

What To Expect During a Session

  • Upon Arrival

You will be welcomed into a calm, inviting space where you can sit and rest comfortably and together we will discuss your needs and discover how RAIN OF ENERGY treatments can best be tailored for you.

  • Energy of the Soul Healing

Sitting comfortably in a chair, you will hear low soothing sounds and atmospheric music. This helps ready the mind for the guided Energy Healing to begin.
Using tools such as; dowsing pendulum/rods, I connect to your mind and your soul to figure out the origin, the source of the trouble.
Together, we will find the real cause of your suffering and with different healing method (meditation, stick-men, EFT, …) we’ll relieve and eliminate it.

  • Post Energy of the Soul Healing

You have an opportunity share any thoughts, feelings or sensations you experienced throughout the healing treatment; I will use this time to answer any questions you may have and give any further support, guidance or advice you may require.
We can then discuss options for further session/therapies should you feel you need them. 

What To Expect After A Session

People respond and react differently but after a session….

  • You may feel a sense of relief
  • You could feel lighter in mind and body
  • A sense of change in some way you may not be able to explain
  • You could be thirsty or hungry
  • Feel physically tired but emotionally relaxed or vice versa
  • You could feel deeply relaxed
  • Feel a sense of rebirth or renewal

As a new client of RAIN OF ENERGY

Why a FREE Discovery Session?

Maybe you are hesitant to book now or you need more information or you want to visit us at RAIN OF ENERGY. NO PROBLEM! I understand, as a new client you may not be ready to book a paid appointment straight away.

That is why, I offer you a FREE 30 minutes session, without commitment, in which we can discuss;

  • Any Issues
  • Your needs
  • All questions you may have about me/RAIN OF ENERGY 
  • Which treatment we offer and which would be the best for you
  • Then, if you wish, we can arrange your first appointment