Best healing hand ever in the whole wide world, soothing relaxing and pure and angelic and godly takes all stress and anxiety and depression away the healing hands.
Gina K.

A big thanks to Maella who is a patient and attentive person. I started the “Energy of the Soul” and “Energy Healing” in June with Maella and we have since completed 6 sessions to date. Through these sessions of inner work, I realised that I have been holding on to a lot of emotional blockages since childhood and it has greatly affected me in my everyday life. Today, Facing and releasing my past trauma has brought me much calmness and peace in my heart. She is helping to build my self-love and self-confidence in a supportive and loving environment. I will definitely continue my healing journey with her.
Thank you Maella for your help.
See you soon 😉

Jennyfer A.

I had a few reiki sessions with Maella, and I could feel the energy running through my body, some tingling and warm feelings. I released some blockages and felt a lot better after her treatments. Maella is very professional, warm an open minded. I highly recommend her!

J’ai eu quelques séances de reiki avec Maella, et je pouvais sentir l’énergie voyager dans mon corps, ainsi que des picotements et une agréable chaleur. J’ai libéré quelques blocages et je me suis sentie beaucoup mieux après ses traitements. Maella est très professionnelle, chaleureuse et ouverte d’esprit. Je la recommande vivement!

Alexandra C.

Je remercie Maella pour le traitement énergétique, c’est une personne très à l’écoute et bienveillante.

Malgré le fait que j’étais septique des soins à distance, je dois dire que j’ai ressenti les bienfaits, et je l’a remercie.

Je recommande Maella à toute personne qui veux essayer les soins énergétiques.

Tania B.

I visited Maella once again for a complete “Energy Healing” session at her home. I walked into a calm and comforting environment which helped me unwind.

The session was thorough and long in which every inch of me not only relaxed but responded positively to the Energy. The energy was very strong in this session so i felt tired afterwards but I recovered quickly.

Maella and I had a chat afterwards about what she felt and how I had reacted to it which was very interesting and allowed me to learn more about this art.

I recommend this session of “Energy Healing” to ease any pains, both physical and emotional and to have an opportunity to clearly listen to your body and what it needs. It is the ultimate relaxation and enables you to zone out of the turmoils and stresses of everyday life.

Thank you Maella!

Emma L.

You have made this great. I have felt everything so intensely in my body and only on the basis of my photo.

Thank you very much. You are great. 

Tina P.

J’ai rendu visite à Maella pour une session “Energy-massage”. Une fois de plus, elle a su me faire voyager. Je la consulte régulièrement et jamais été déçu par ses sessions. Toujours aussi agréable et à l’écoute d’autrui sans porter de jugement.

Encore une fois, je recommande vivement et positivement Maella Tarsi pour ses merveilleuses sessions originales qui combinent l’Energie et le massage.

Résultat: une détente parfaite après une dure semaine de boulot. Un vrai bonheur qui je croyais pourtant l’avoir égarer et ai revenu grâce à Maella. MERCI MILLE FOIS!!!!!!!

William A.


Thank you so much Maella for your massage! It was such a relief. And such genuine kindness that I felt very safe and relax.
I already booked for the next week. And I am going to give her number to my friends!

Thx again!

Claude D.

I had a full 1 hour Reiki massage with Maella after a recent operation.

She was extremely knowledgable, understanding to my needs and was happy to listen to my recent health issues.

I felt very calm and relaxed with her and through the entire massage I unwound.

I recommend Maella to any individual, whether you have ongoing issues or just looking for peace and healing. She is a lovely and friendly lady who genuinely has a passion for the practise and wants to help!!

Evelyn S.

What a relief physically and spiritually. I needed that and I recommend everyone to come visit Maella for a massage. Especially during these strange times.

Plus the place is so cosy and peaceful. It’s just your moment that counts and nothing else. I am going back there definitively.

Thank you Maella, you are the best.

Vincent L.